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My wife and I extensively travel on long trips all over the world. Our travel usually encompasses multiple countries for months at a time and involves a wide variety of daily activities. These activities include hiking, deep cultural experiences, fishing, sailing, bird watching, exploring ancient civilizations and cooking just to mention a few. I have worked with Sunitta at Kora Journeys for many years planning these complex, mostly custom designed trips. She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table in a client-focussed manner that has produced some of the most memorable on-the-road experiences in our lives. When we plan the itineraries, Sunitta carefully listens to us and at the same time, pushes our thinking. in addition to customized activities provided by Kora, Sunitta is more than happy to wrap in packaged tour segments separately arranged by the client. She often involves multiple in-country providers to make sure we get the best ideas and pricing. Consequently, the itineraries are iterated multiple times until all parties are happy. When it comes time to embark on a trip, Sunitta ensures that the in-country provider is looking over our shoulder at all times and if a problem arises, she takes ownership of finding a solution. In fact, problems rarely arise in spite of the trip complexity primarily because the planning and choice of providers is so meticulous. As a result, we rarely have a bad guide experience or a logistical problem that can¹t be managed. Her deep, professional relationships at hotels around the world ensures that we get personal care when staying there and often are afforded upgrades and amenities. We have had wine, massages, cooking demonstrations and food credits at hotels worldwide. Page 2 of 2 From planning to execution, Kora Journeys delivers travel experiences that live up to the highest standards of quality and enjoyment. Randy & Lorraine barba
CONGRATULATIONS to Sunitta Hedau and Kora Journeys on “jobs well done”!! My wife and I recently returned from travels to Hong Kong; New Delhi and Agra India; Bhutan; and Bangkok. Our trip was planned and organized by Sunitta and Kora Journeys with an emphasis on travel throughout magnificent Bhutan. Sunitta had previously planned an extensive travel plan for us throughout Southeast Asia. The magic of Sunitta and Kora is that Sunitta has traveled extensively herself and she has formed personal relationships with the absolute BEST guides as well as many of the managers of the BEST hotels and resorts. It was not unusual that the manager of each 5 star accommodation in our travels would visit us and tell us that Sunitta was well known to them and that she had asked that we be given the VIP treatment. We always felt warmly received. Sunitta’s attention to detail is remarkable and resulted in “on time” performance throughout our travels. It is terribly comforting to have the confidence that all the plans will perform as expected. Throughout our two major trips with Sunitta every detail was managed perfectly. I am someone who worries about detail, and I found that I could stop worrying and just enjoy the ride. Sunitta always planned special and creative surprises for us apart from our basic schedule. My wife and I have a passion for travel and have traveled on all seven continents. We are in our late 60’s but remain active. As we have aged we find that our “comforts” have become more important to us. Sunitta has been able to design travel for us that is compatible with our capabilities and yet exciting and educational. We are already starting to plan our next journey with Sunitta and Kora. The best statement I can make about Sunitta and Kora is that each and every experience we have had met or exceeded our expectations. Charles & Barbara Crabill
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